Discover an easier way to make Golden Milk!

Golden Milk by Golden Soul is an instant Turmeric Latte - just add hot water

A delicious way to enjoy the benefits of turmeric

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Turmeric, the ingredient which gives Golden Milk both it’s golden colour and Golden Soul has a long history in natural medicinal use dating back 4,000 years.

It is widely accepted that Turmeric is a natural:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • antiviral
  • antifungal
  • antimicrobial
  • antibacterial

Along with the Turmeric and Coconut Milk, we've blended in some Cinnamon, a dash of Honey and finally, added some Black Pepper, to give your body the best chance of absorbing the Curcumin, the active ingredient which makes Turmeric so special.

Let our customers speak for us

Nice evening drink

This golden milk is very smooth and tasty. Love it as an evening drink before bed. I was also very impressed with their customer…

Melissa Suber



Geir Dalseng

A wonderful blend!

Golden soul is a perfect balance of spices and coconut milk, easily mixing into a delicious hot latte!

Rob D.

Golden Milk by Golden Soul 100g

Paula Birth

Love Golden Milk by Golden Soul

Was introduced to Golden Milk by a friend & I love it. I mix with milk and honey, tastes SO Good. I find when…

Sandra T


This was my first time to try the product and I really enjoy it as a change from coffee. Very easy to prepare

Cheryl Oravetz

The best turmeric latte you’ll have at home!

I love this stuff! Great taste and texture, strangely filling and not too sweet. I’m a fan. I’m sure the pepper balance makes all…

Jo C. Sydney

I’m in love!

I take turmeric for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. I have fibromyalgia. All the turmeric drinks I have tried in the past have tasted revolting. Golden…

Grace Beyer


I was abit worried i wouldn’t like the taste BUT i was so happy when i tried it. I have mine with some warm…

Melika Leboydre

Golden Milk

A very palatable drink, and easy to mix. Ive tried a few different Tumeric late’s and yours is by far the best tasting, an…

Debbie Yee


This is amazing I love and also got a bag for my friend! I have it 3 times a week. Love it. Can’t imagine…

Kate Courtney-O’Connor

Ok, but not as great as I hoped

I love the passion behind Golden Soul’s turmeric latte. It’s so easy to use (just add water) and it dissolves easy, with not sediment…

Lauren Burdett

Golden Goodness

What a delicious golden delight, really enjoyed the flavour. Thank you Golden soul

Veronica Antonello

Delicious, warm and fast

So happy to be a Golden Milk customer. Great customer service while buying online but even better taste of Golden Milk It’s wonderful to…

Gemma Moriarty

Goldenn Deliciousness

Loved it at the naturally good expo, ordered more and love love love it. Particularly perfect for these colder evenings. Thanks for an awesome…

lyn Worldon


I was worried that I wasn’t going to like it but it’s great! I’ll be ordering again!

Christine Grundy

Delicious golden milk

By chance I found your website and thought it was worth trying. It’s so tedious to make a Tumeric latte at home but with…

Kerrie Thompson

WOW! Love my morning Golden Milk

I didn’t know what to expect but I love Golden Milk. I needed to initially test the strength of flavour by starting with half…

Vanessa Di Sauro

Golden milk creates golden soul

Was very skeptical as I have been a coffee drinker, I thought it would take awhile to convert yet since golden milk was delivered…

Cassandra Crabtree

Beautiful drink

Very nice to drink very happy with flavour and health property

Craig Milward

Unique taste

Warm and comforting. Smooth and creamy taste. Quite peppery

Deanne Overmeyer


better then expected

lena teo

Thicker than I thought

Was quite satisfying because the consistency was quite thick. Much tastier than I expected it to be.

Linda Rallakis


Pleasently surprised at the great taste. Thank you

Jennifer Levis

Quick, easy turmeric latte option

I found it to be a quick and economical way to make a great tasting turmeric latte at home. My preference would probably lean…

Michelle Goldsmith

Super easy!

I love how easy this is to make. I add a little maple syrup to mine and it’s the perfect drink!

Mollie Russell

Pretty packaging and taste good

The balance of the flavours is good and not overwhelming. I’ve been hooked on drinking turmeric lattes lately. So happy when I stumbled upon…


Great product

Tasted good and loved it thanks for a good product


Quite Nice

It’s quite nice and has helped me transition off dairy and coffee! I feel the taste could be a bit stronger (more cinnamon) and…



What a fantastic product!! I love the benifits of golden milk & have tried making myself the paste numerous times only to put it…

Rachel Lynch

Golden Milk.

This product is delicious! It’s the perfect balance of flavours, the coconut milk comes through nicely and the turmeric is not to strong. Definetly…


First timer

This was my first try..the taste takes some getting used to but the service and delivery time was perfect

Ms. Holy Moses

The remedy for lots

Super happy Just wished it was tastier. I made my own from fresh tumeric. I was expecting the same taste…. ;(. But the benefits…

julie garceau


I’m in love with this product, so yummy and I feel great – thanks so much!

Christina Richardson

First Purchase

I love how easy this is to make and drink. It isn’t as delicious as I expected but you can change that by adding…

Sarina Clark


I love the simplicity & easiness of this product. Great flavour & yummy in the afternoon to cure the sweet cravings. The only negative…

Victoria Saville

good golden milk

this golden milk taste very nice and quick and easy since you not have buy any milk to add to it


Really tasty and a perfect way to start my morning!!

Always had problems with joint inflammation, so thought I’d give Golden Milk a go. Super happy with my decision! it’s only been a week…

Melanie Cumm

Comforting and delicious

Yummmm i love this brand of the delicious golden milk it is a no fuss easy to prepare treat and in case i haven’t…

Nicole Lee

Purchase golden milk

Great product great service

Linda Holloway

Golden milk

Hi, I tasted the Golden Milk for the first time last week and found it really nice tasting, quite coconuts but lovely to sip…

Suzanne Page

Latte Golden very smooth

Thank you for your product! I dont mind the taste i still learning to drink Golden Milk Latte. ..i love how easy it is…

Bec Anderson


Lovely drink! I have a sweet tooth so added a small amount of sugar.

Lyndie mills

Delicious and comforting

A delicious blend really comforting drink, the right amount of each ingredient, spot on

Corinne Clapp

Golden Goodness

Great product, fast shipping and even got a follow up phone call to make sure i had received my Tumeric Golden Milk on time!…

Amy Di Nucci

Quick, easy and DELICIOUS!!!

I’ve made Golden milk several times at home. It takes a little bit of time and a lot of care during the process. I…

Mitch Arnold

Highly recommended

I really enjoy the taste. Will definitely order again!!


I would highly recommend this product!

I have been reading about the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits of turmeric for a while now. I had tried some turmeric capsules but saw…

Jane Reedy

Love it!

Will definitely be buying more. <3

Stefanie Aiello

Refreshing and nutritious !

I’ve struggled with body pain and aches for longer than I can remember but since having 1 or two cups of golden milk every…


Best Thing Ever

I LOVE GOLDEN MILK! I have given it to the whole family and even the parents. I’m due to order some more soon! We…

Jessie Henaway

Golden Milk

Golden Milk I just received my order of Golden Milk, I am very excited about this product that makes it so much easier than…


Love it .....!!!!

Will be buying more.kerry olaj

kerry olaj

Awesome stuff

I have been having Golden Milk for just over a month and the benefits i feel are crazy! I feel healthier, i feel better…

Federico Buscacio

Great product, great company

This was my best find of 2017! Ordered on Monday, had it on Tuesday, fell in love with it on Wednesday. This will be…

Ben Martin


I was sceptical that a Turmeric drink was actually going to taste good, but I had heard so many good things about it, so…

Sally Milner

Yum, yum Yum!

The golden milk is delicious !!! I made it as directed but prefer to add just a little almond milk to it, ( I’m…

Andrea West