About us and Golden Milk

We would like to share a little bit about us and Golden Milk.

Our journey started almost 15 years ago, somewhat by accident, maybe it was just destiny.

One of our co-founders, Michael, was a travelling on a fairly exhausting schedule back and forth from the UK.

On one particular trip he hadn’t slept for almost 30 hours, got off the plane and went straight back to his desk in London. This punishing schedule did nothing for his immune system and overall health and it was at this point that he realised something had to change.

Michael’s journey to find a solution to his general health problems led him to countless Western medicine practitioners in search of answers as to why he was always so tired and run down. He saw practitioners from London to the United States and all over most of Australia.

Long working hours and a fast paced lifestyle, along with a lot of flying, meant Michael’s immune system just could not cope with the stress of everyday life.

Eventually Michael thought there had to be a better way, so he turned to alternative medicines and natural products.

A healthy lifestyle, lots of sleep, a lot less work and a focus on consuming fewer processed foods, Michael has now found a road to recovery.

Naomi, our Managing Director and co-founder shares a similar outlook on life.

She loves the healthy, clean living philosophy too – but still enjoys a cheeky glass of wine or two.

Golden Milk was something Michael and Naomi discovered on their journey towards a healthy lifestyle, but they found the ingredients were often difficult to source and very messy and time consuming to prepare.

The result of many countless hours in the kitchen is our delicious drink we call Golden Milk by Golden Soul.

They say laughter, sunshine and enjoying life is the best medicine – we hope you enjoy life and our Golden Milk just as much as we do too.