Golden Milk by Golden Soul 100g

Golden Milk by Golden Soul was created as a simple to prepare, nourishing drink with a subtle hint of natural spices and a beautiful, striking, golden colour.

Combined with premium coconut milk, Golden Milk by Golden Soul has a creamy texture and an extraordinary taste.

It’s 100% natural and made in Australia.

Enjoy a Turmeric Latte is 30 seconds. No mess, no fuss.

  • Preservative free
  • Additive free
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Paleo friendly


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Based on 57 reviews


Cheryl Oravetz


This was my first time to try the product and I really enjoy it as a change from coffee. Very easy to prepare


Jo C. Sydney

The best turmeric latte you’ll have at home!

I love this stuff! Great taste and texture, strangely filling and not too sweet. I’m a fan. I’m sure the pepper balance makes all the difference.


Grace Beyer

I’m in love!

I take turmeric for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. I have fibromyalgia. All the turmeric drinks I have tried in the past have tasted revolting. Golden Milk by Golden Soul is the first and only turmeric drink I’ve had that tastes amazing! It is so easy to make at home or take to work. Convenient, delicious, beneficial and Australian!!!! Give it a go, it’s awesome!


Melika Leboydre


I was abit worried i wouldn’t like the taste BUT i was so happy when i tried it. I have mine with some warm milk when i wake every morning and i also put some in my smoothies…best this i have gotten in a long time!


Debbie Yee

Golden Milk

A very palatable drink, and easy to mix. Ive tried a few different Tumeric late’s and yours is by far the best tasting, an excellent blend with the coconut

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Chloe Josephs

Question: I am very conscientious of the products I consume, can I just check the ingredients are completely natural and contain no chemicals, free of preservatives and are not modifyed at all please? Also is it seriously just adding hot water to it or do I need to make it into a paste first and then make it into a drink? thanks. Chloe

>> replied:

Hi Sarina, Thanks so much for the feedback. Some people find that by adding a little more powder, it makes it creamier too. Either way, you can do whatever works for you! We hope you continue to enjoy Golden Milk by Golden Soul. Naomi